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Candace Fleming

Candace Fleming, M.Ed. Resident in Professional Counseling.

Clients I work with:  Women and adult families

Issues I work with: Family and love relationships, substance use and addiction, sexuality and sexual identity, grounding and organizing of feelings, shame and guilt, emotional intimacy and trust, self-doubt and low self-worth, unresolved emotional issues, parenting, culture and ethnicity, and recovering from trauma or childhood experiences. I also work with fertility, pregnancy and birth experiences.

I specialize in helping women to trust, value and connect more deeply with themselves. Connecting in this way allows for important information about self to emerge, and greater clarity as to your needs, strengths, unresolved hurts, and boundaries. From here, real change can occur that is nurturing of your emotions, body, intellect, spirit, and relationships.

Our work focuses on greater life balance, trusting of your ‘gut’, and increased self-care as you navigate the demands of life. I’m invested in supporting women to grow, facilitating an experience of their authentic self and the healing of issues that limit us.

Some of the women’s issues I focus on are:

The use of alcohol, substances or processes as a coping and soothing strategy. Women can be especially vulnerable to shame, guilt, self-blame and stress. Medicating and numbing our feeling world often seems like an easy and immediate way to decompress. If you are noticing that you are now relying on this strategy to get through the day, it is now creating more problems than it is ‘solving’, or feel unable to stop, I can be of help.

I offer non-judgmental support to face the isolation, pain and disconnection that often underlies self-medication. Together, we can explore the issues that keep you tethered to this strategy, healing and resolving them as we identify new ways to get what you need.

Family relationships. Family offers the most influential relationships we have. I can help you explore the strengths and challenges of these relationships and understand your dynamics in ways that balance your unique identity with the need to be in connection with your family. We can also work on establishing healthy boundaries and self-care, finding your voice in the relationship, working through guilt and reducing a sense of responsibility, processing early abuse or emotional cut-off, and tools for healthy communication.

Grounding and organizing of your feeling world. The greatest power we have is being able to identify our feelings and utilize them to design a life that fits us. I work with women to develop tools to reduce emotional flooding, control angry outbursts, resolve ambivalence in relationships, treat depression or anxiety, and tolerate distress.

Trust, emotional intimacy and authenticity.  Many of us receive messages that we need to be ‘tougher’ than we feel on the inside or should deny our needs or ‘neediness’. Traditional gender roles often teach us to be caretakers rather than to assert our own personhood. Family dynamics from childhood often foster patterns in relationships that aren’t satisfying. I support clients to create healthy maps for connection, finding ways to create security, vulnerability and emotional connection in the relationships you value the most. This includes healing experiences of anxiety or avoidance around intimacy and vulnerability.  

Self-worth and identity.  Challenge any pervasive insecurities and learn to see yourself (and your body) accurately rather than through a lens of criticism. I often work with the conflicts that can take place as we are trying to balance identity, culture, spirituality, family relationships, and career. I support women to value their strengths, self-worth and identity so that they can live more fully in own personhood.

Working through ambivalence, disappointment, and grief when life doesn’t look the way you thought it would.  This can come at different phases in life: whether you are feeling the loss of identity, or the loss of a community from a big transition, or even the sense of feeling disconnected in your life even while you are surrounded by people.  I help clients meet the disappointment and honor the need for mourning what has been lost.

Recovering from the trauma of childhood abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.  I am experienced in working with the deeply ingrained effects of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse in early childhood. Together, we can find ways to process and resolve the impact of these experiences so that they no longer have power to shape your current experience. 

My training is in attachment, Emotionally Focused Therapy, addiction, mood disorders and emotional regulation.

I hold a Master’s degree in Education from George Mason University and am currently working towards Licensure as a Professional Counselor.  I have clinical experience providing individual and group counseling to adults, as well as the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in women. 

Candace Fleming is a Resident in Counseling, who has completed a master’s degree and is working towards Licensure as a Professional Counselor in Virginia. She works under the supervision of Maureen Flaherty, LPC, Approved Supervisor. In the event that clients have any questions or concerns about Candace’s work, her supervisor can be contacted at: mflaherty@thecenterforconnection.com, (703) 878-3291, or The Center for Connection, Healing & Change, 12751 Marblestone Dr, Suite 200, Woodbridge, VA 22192.