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Gina Park


Gina Park, MS, LCSW

Clients I work with: Adults, young adults, adolescent families

Issues I work with: Identity and self-worth issues, peer and family  relationships, emotional dysregulation, ADHD, academic challenges, anger, behavioral issues, substance abuse, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

I also specialize in supporting clients who are moving away or returning to their family of origin, facing a painful break up or experiencing a difficult love relationship, creating change in dissatisfying family or peer relationships, loneliness, identity issues, or lack of motivation and purpose.

I work with adults and late adolescents who are looking to increase self-worth and design a life that is free from limiting beliefs or unresolved issues from the past. My approach focuses on empowering clients to develop a clear sense of who they are in the world, and the strengths they bring. Sessions often include the healing of pain, difficult experiences or relationship hurts, as well as ways to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and ask for what we need in the present.

This process enables clients to choose the gifts and resiliency they want to nurture, and the ‘baggage’ they want to leave behind. Our work can be particularly helpful for healing depression, anxiety, substance use issues, trauma, emotional regulation difficulties, or relationship challenges.

I value helping clients create emotional balance, secure relationships, and an understanding of what creates and maintains behavior. I work closely with my clients, offering support and practical interventions, alongside deeper therapeutic work that creates lasting change. I have training in attachment, family therapy, emotional regulation, trauma and mood disorders.

In my work with families, I believe in the importance of close and stable relationships throughout the teen years. Adolescents face many challenges that impact self-esteem, emotional functioning, and secure connections to themselves and their families. Changes in family life, technology, and life stressors place even further demands.

I enjoy working with teens because they demand a high level of authenticity, transparency and honesty in their relationships, especially in therapy. Because I focus on relationships and the validity of each person’s experience, I find that my adolescent clients appreciate the support I can offer to both them and their parents in deciphering the disconnection or conflict that might have developed between them.

Having worked with various cultures and ethnicities, I strive to understand and maintain cultural awareness, knowing there is always more to learn.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work and hold a Master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. My clinical experience, prior to joining CCHC, has been in community and social service settings providing individual, family and group therapy to at-risk families and youth. I have extensive knowledge of the child welfare and foster care systems.