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Melissa Callahan

Melissa Callahan LMFT-R The Center for Connection Healing and Change


Melissa Callahan, LMFT, Clinical Director

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, couples, adolescent families, adoptive families, and separated, divorced or blended families.

Issues I work with: Communication, trust, trauma, anxiety, depression, co-parenting, recurring disagreements, emotional closeness and security, and attachment difficulties.

I see individuals, couples, and families and focus on the creation of satisfying relationships.  I work with couples on emotional closeness, communication, recurring disagreements, rebuilding trust, and improving relationship security. I am experienced in working with clients/relationships that are affected by difficulties with emotional intimacy, conflict resolution, trust, and emotional regulation. I also work with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, substance use, or attachment issues.

In family sessions, I have a particular interest in supporting adolescent families, adoptive families, families going through separation, divorce, or co-parenting, and blended families. I also enjoy working with military couples and families.

I invest in creating lasting emotional, mental, and behavioral change. I focus on your understanding of each other, what each of you need, and how to deepen the connection you have. I also take a practical approach, building skills that promote open communication, emotional intimacy, and security. My work is underpinned by Emotionally Focused Couple and Family Therapy models.

To make the most of our time together I capitalize on existing strengths, both within family members and between them. My aim is to bring some calm and relief to clients so that they can experience themselves and each other differently. I offer day and evening sessions.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I received my Master’s Degree in Family Therapy from the COAMFTE accredited program at University of Massachusetts – Boston.  My clinical experience has been serving individuals, families and couples with emotional, mental and behavioral needs in at-risk communities. ​

I also work as the Clinical Director at CCHC, working to ensure we are offering good clinical care to our clients. My role also involves supporting our staff to remain relevant clinicians that continue to develop professionally.