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Elayne Smith

Elayne Smith LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist The Center for Connection Healing and Change

Elayne Smith, MS, LMFT and Founder of The Center for Connection, Healing & Change, LLC. AAMFT Approved Supervisor in Training.

I created CCHC as a space for clients to deepen their connection to both themselves and their loved ones. I believe that the degree to which we experience our relationships as satisfying and responsive holds great power for our wellbeing.

CCHC was also created as a place that invests in the work of a passionate and dedicated staff team. The Center offers a place for therapists to thrive, grow, and develop their professional identity as relationship-focused therapists.

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Issues I work with: Communication, emotional intimacy, recurring disagreements, family of origin issues, self-worth, emotional dysregulation, adult attachment, sexual issues, trust, chronic illness, substance use and process addiction, grief, anxiety, and depression.

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Jennifer Brown Guiney

Jennifer Guiney Infant Family and Attachment Specialist The Center for Connection Healing and Change

Jennifer Brown Guiney, CEIM, IMH-E® (II), Infant Family Support Specialist

I support families to feel bonded to their baby and empowered to meet their needs. I help caregivers get to know their precious little one from the inside out by exploring their strengths and vulnerabilities, and deciphering the uniquely individual ways they communicate delight, discomfort and need for connection.

I also offer emotional support to families as they navigate the joys and challenges of caring for a new baby, especially if their infant is fussy or having trouble with eating and sleeping.

Clients I work with: Infants and their parents and/or caregivers, teen parents, parents.

Issues I work with: Infant-family bonding; baby body language, signals and cues; birth experiences; the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

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Janet Eblen

IMG_0528 (1)

Janet Eblen, LMFT

I enjoy working with clients who have spent much of their lives struggling with eating, exercise, and body image issues to transform their relationship with food, and to learn to appreciate the wisdom of their bodies and intuition. I see these issues as a symptom of deeper struggles with self-worth, emotional regulation, or connection.

I also work with clients who have experienced trauma, stress and grief. My approach values our innate capacity to heal and find our way towards well-being and often incorporates physiologically-based models such as EMDR to create change from the inside-out.

In my work with couples, I focus on communication, emotional intimacy and the repair of fractures in trust or safety. I support couples go beneath their well-worn ‘dance’ and find more satisfying ways to communicate their needs and emotions. I also support couples to be more accessible and responsive to one another so they can be a source of support and comfort to one another throughout life’s challenges. 

Clients I work with: Adults and couples

Issues I work with: Struggles with eating, exercise, and body image issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, couples communication, emotional intimacy, trust, and attachment. 

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Melissa Callahan

Melissa Callahan LMFT-R The Center for Connection Healing and Change


Melissa Callahan, LMFT

My main goal is to support families and couples to identify struggles within their relationships and capitalize on their existing strengths to overcome these issues. This often includes a focus on improving communication and an of understanding what each partner or family member is needing from their important others.

I also focus on facilitating deeper emotional connections and greater responsiveness to one another, particularly in moments of stress or conflict.

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, couples, adolescent families, adoptive families, and separated, divorced or blended families.

Issues I work with: Communication, trust, trauma, anxiety, depression, co-parenting, recurring disagreements, emotional closeness and security, and attachment difficulties.

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Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith, LMFT

I work with individuals, couples and families to create change where they are experiencing the same old fights over and over, or are having difficulty feeling close and connected. 

I support couples and families get underneath these well-worn patterns to repair the hurts and unmet needs that often keep us doing the same things over and over. I work with relationships that are experiencing emotional intimacy issues, recurring disagreements, communication difficulties, or issues with substance use or process addiction.

Clients I work with: Individuals, couples, and adolescent families.

Issues I work with: Couples experiencing; communication issues, emotional conflict or distance, substance use issues, and conflicts over roles and responsibilities. Adults and adolescents experiencing; anxiety, depression, separation and divorce, low self-worth, stress, substance use and addiction, life transitions, and trauma.

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Nichelle Mason

Nichelle Mason

Nichelle Mason, Ph.D., LPC

In all my work, I focus on existing strengths, the creation of satisfying interactions, and relationship harmony. As people often reach out for the support of a therapist during times of relationship distress, my initial focus is on creating hope, safety, and openness.

I believe relationships are the cornerstone of satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives. This often means creating new ways of interacting that allow for each family member to feel appreciated, connected, and at peace, whatever this means for them.

Clients I work with: Couples, adult individuals, children/teens and their families, parents, blended families.

Issues I work with: Relationship enrichment and repair, pre-marital/commitment, divorce discernment, sex therapy, PTSD, grief, addiction, illness, parenting, blended families, collaborative divorce, and military life.

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Maureen Flaherty

Maureen Flaherty, M.Ed., LPC. Clinical Director, Men’s Substance Use Treatment Services

I specialize in the deep, change-worthy work of family of origin issues, reduction of the symptoms of mood disorders, decision making about the future of relationships, the issues of living that are specific to men, and the treatment of substance use issues.

In my seventeen years of practice as an agent of change, I have come to know that many of our emotional and relational difficulties can be connected to the experiences we have growing up in our family. My goal is to help you resolve and heal unfinished business of the past so that you don’t have to keep recreating them in the present.

My style of therapy is targeted, structured and focused on the creation of lasting change. I believe that therapy should help to restructure your experiences so that you see life through a different lens. This new lens allows for continued change, long after therapy has ended.

Much of my clinical experience and expertise has been in working with men. Cultural expectations of men often look to them to be independent, self-sufficient, stoic, problem-solvers, and invulnerable. I support men to explore more effective ways to manage stress, relationships, emotions and problem-solving.

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, groups, and families.

Issues I work with: Anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, emotional dysregulation, family of origin issues, childhood experiences, men’s issues, and adult family relationships. I also work with substance and behavioral dependencies (spending, gambling, internet use, porn and sex).

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Sandra Molle

Sandra Molle LPC The Center for Connection Healing and Change

Sandra Molle, LPC, BCN

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist with more than sixteen years of experience providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults. I support clients to access inner resources and strengthen emotional regulation skills so they can build a life worth living. My work often focuses on learning ways to mindfully turn emotions into wisdom, manage stress, and build meaningful connections with loved ones.

Clients I work with: Adults, late-teens, and groups.

Issues I work with: Anxiety, depression, anger issues, self-esteem, life transitions, loneliness, trauma, work or peer conflict, grief and loss, self-harm, parenting, family of origin issues, and habitual negativity.

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Elizabeth Wilkins-McKee

Elizabeth Wilkins-McKee, LCSW

Children, families and individuals sometimes need help in balancing the challenges and changes of life. I tailor my approach to the needs of each person or family with whom I work, recognizing that my clients are whole people who deserve a real-world approach to mental health.

I am skilled at helping clients to identify their needs; balance self-care—including physical wellness, sleep, and self-compassion—with the demands of living; improve communication skills and explore workplace satisfaction; and find ways to advocate for their needs with healthcare providers and family members alike.

I offer a range of assessments to help you understand your symptoms, and I’ll collaborate with you to develop behavioral, treatment, support, and advocacy plans..

Clients I work with: Children, adult individuals, couples, and groups.

Issues I work with: Pregnancy and fertility related issues, reproductive mental health, parenting at all stages of the life-cycle, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, identity, separation, divorce, and sexuality. I take a “sex positive” approach to my work and am attuned to issues of cultural sensitivity, including those of the LGBT community.  

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Debra Rezendes

Debra Rezendes, MS, Doctoral Student, MFT Intern

Together, I work with couples, families and individuals to build deeper connections with each other, integrate communication skills that foster love and respect, establish purposeful and meaningful goals for their relationship, and become stronger and more resilient in the adversities that they face. 

I use a holistic approach to address the unique needs of each individual. I value helping clients identify the strengths and resources they have within and between them. I am also skilled at helping clients to better understand their interactions and unresolved issues or unmet needs that might be underpinning them.

Clients I work with: Couples, children and families, adult individuals

Issues I work with: Emotional intimacy, attachment, couple/family transitions, strengthening couple/family resilience, emotional dysregulation, military life, developmental disorders, parenting, child behavioral issues, life transitions, sibling relationships, chronic illness, grief and loss, self-criticism.

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Renee Doe

Renee Doe, MA, Ph.D Student. Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counseling

I specialize in supporting clients to change ways of relating that are problematic or move past life events that can keep us stuck. When life brings experiences that overwhelm us and exceed our capacity to work through them on our own, we can find ourselves vulnerable to depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, illness, or substance use.

Finding ways to have safe contact with ourselves and our loved ones allows us to move through tough experiences with our self-worth and identity strengthened.

Our work will also provide you with practical tools that promote resilience, emotional intimacy, security and connection that can be relied upon in moments of need. My goal is for therapy to serve as a process from which clients can create healing, wholeness and lasting change.

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, couples, and adolescent families.

Issues I work with: Trauma, relationships, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, PTSD, communication, resilience-building, stress, identity, and self-worth.

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Betsy Farasey

Betsy Farasey, MS, Resident in Professional Counseling

My goal is to make counseling a positive and rewarding experience for you and your family. Your child’s success starts with a safe environment. I will meet your child at their level, working with them to build rapport so we can develop an individualized plan to best address their needs and support a reduction of symptoms along with emotional growth.

My approach identifies areas of strength and areas for growth in your child. This begins by gaining a detailed history and understanding of your child’s needs. As a team, we will implement the strategies and tools that work best for your child at home, in school and in the community. 

Clients I work with: Children aged 5-18 and their families, adult individuals

Issues I work with: Anxiety, attachment concerns, depression, ADD, ADHD, trauma, OCD, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, substance use and individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Elaine Kramer

Elaine Kramer, MA, Ph.D. Resident in Professional Counseling

My work is focused on the creation of deep self-acceptance, compassion and healing. I believe that what we tell ourselves, about our self and the world around us, holds great power. Self-talk shapes the way our brain functions, our emotions, self-worth, and behavior.

I will help you to confront and change any damaging or limiting beliefs and find ways to live with greater safety, security and respect for your authentic self. Where there are core conflicts that keep you stuck in old patterns or emotional pain, I work alongside you as a journey-mate to resolve them. I aim to offer a respectful holding space as you allow pain or difficult experiences to emerge.

When talk therapy is no longer enough, I specialize in Guided Affective Imagery, a gentle and yet powerful process that allows issues beneath the surface to float up in imagery form or symbolic representation. I work with you to safely confront, process and resolve these issues at their core.

Clients I work with: Adult individuals, couples, adolescents and groups.

Issues I work with: Depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, emotional intimacy, life purpose or identity, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, dis-ease, grief, end of life, perinatal mental health, and substance use/addiction.

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Jessica Escobar

Jessica Escobar LMFT-R The Center for Connection Healing and Change

Jessica Escobar, MS, Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

I support couples to feel closer, resolve recurring arguments, heal past hurts, and communicate more openly. I often use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy in this work. I also work with couples to explore their sexual life and the ways their relationships as a whole inform this aspect of their life together.

I am experienced in working with military couples and families and appreciate the unique strengths and challenges that these families possess.

I also work with children using Play Therapy, a therapy technique that supports children to express their thoughts and feelings when they may not have the verbal language to share them.

I offer therapy services in both English and Spanish.

Clients I work with: Couples, individuals, children aged 3 to 8 and their families. I offer all services in both English and Spanish.

Issues I work with: Emotional intimacy, recurring disagreements, relationship hurts, trust, infidelity, multicultural issues, sexual issues, and communication.

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