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Anger Management

Regain control of your emotional world

The Center for Connection, Healing, and Change offers Anger Management Assessments and structured Anger Management Programs. We work with children, teens, and adults. Our therapists are skilled in helping clients to develop more effective tools for managing stress, thoughts, feelings, and interactions with others. If you are noticing that anger is creating problems in your life, or are dealing with conflict-related legal issues, we can help. We can provide reports and certificates of completion for legal purposes if this is required.

Getting started

Anger assessments

Identify the underlying issues

Anger Management services start with a thorough assessment of your needs and identification of the issues that are most relevant to you. Where clients opt for the individual program, we can offer day or evening appointments that fit your schedule. The group option runs in the evenings so that clients can continue with home and work responsibilities. Our Intake Coordinator can tell you when the next group is available. Anger management support can also be included in your tailored program of substance use or process addiction treatment.

Program structure

Anger management programs

Tailored support and practical skills

The 9-week Anger Management course is available in both group and individual therapy formats. Both options are evidence-based and include practical skills for managing anger more effectively. The course includes either group or individual therapy so that clients have space to identify the issues that create and maintain their anger. This supports clients to heal the underlying issues and develop coping skills that are relevant and effective for them. We are also able to work with clients that are living with other issues alongside anger. Living with depression, anxiety, grief, substance use, or issues from childhood can exacerbate anger. We treat anger with co-occurring challenges to ensure that clients get whole-person care.