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Reclaim your mind and body from trauma

meditationEye Movement and Desensitization (EMDR) is a powerful and effective therapy for the treatment of trauma and overwhelming life experiences. 

It focuses on processing and releasing information trapped in the mind and body, freeing you from disturbing images and body sensations, overwhelming emotions, and limiting beliefs. 

EMDR works to clear the emotional and physical blockages that hold us back in healthy daily living. Often more effective than traditional ‘talk therapy’ alone, it has the power to facilitate a sense of joy, openness, and deep connection with others.

Whether we have experienced major traumas or small setbacks, an overwhelming experience that has not been healed can hold great influence over our sense of wellbeing.

It may range from an unconscious dull hum in the background, like a program operating on autopilot, to a screaming reminder that the world is unsafe and we are forever changed.   

Trauma shifts our view of the world.  We once experienced the world as relatively safe.  Trauma or a dis-empowering experience can shatter this sense of security. 

This shift in our experience of the world and altered sense of self leads us to interact with the world very differently. It changes the way our brain processes and responds, limiting our self-worth, emotional regulation skills, and innate problem-solving abilities.

Big ‘T ‘, Little ‘T ‘

Trauma takes many forms

You deserve freedom

At The Center for Connection, Healing and Change in Woodbridge, VA we understand the impact that relationships have on our functioning. We combine the science of early attachment relationships and the practice of healing within an EMDR framework.

Early relationships shape the way the mind and brain develop. Our connections with caregivers influence patterns of brain functioning that persist throughout our lives, shaping how we think, feel, remember, and behave.

When we are lucky enough to have secure attachment experiences in which we feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure, our brain develops in ways that promote emotional regulation, resilience, and connection with others.

Difficulties in our most important attachments such as childhood physical or sexual abuse, neglect, losses, birth trauma, medical trauma, parental drug or alcohol abuse, or caregiver misattunement have a limiting effect. 

These experiences can leave us feeling permanently vigilant, distrusting, and protective. If you know your early years contained some difficulty, EMDR can help you reclaim your adulthood.  

It works to process and heal these painful experiences or inaccurate messages and supports you to redefine and control your own experiences in life, free from the “baggage” of the past.